Benefits of Setting Up Marquee for an Outdoor Wedding

The idea of setting up a marquee for an outdoor wedding provides a romantic and whimsical vibe to the celebration. At the same time, the fact that your guests are enclosed in a marquee renders that intimate feel to the event as well. The practicality is also undeniable – marquees protect you from the sunshine, rainfall or strong winds. Therefore, you have to start looking around for a marquee hire in Sydney months before the wedding date to give you time to compare every supplier available.

Marquee serves as a temporary structure. Hence, it offers flexibility when it comes to setting up your wedding reception and coming up with various décor themes. The access to an outdoor space also provides your guests for more opportunities to do activities outside or take photographs. Meanwhile, if the weather is not so good, then you can be safe and secure inside the marquee.

Another advantage to using the services of a marquee hire in Sydney is the ability to use outdoor space that you have for free. For example, if you have a massive outdoor garden space, you can use that for setting up a marquee wedding. You can save from the cost of renting a wedding reception venue and all you have to pay for is the marquee itself.

To make the most of the marquee for your wedding, you need to choose between two common type of marquees: clear-span or shaped marquee. The clear span is more like your conventional tent wedding. This means that there is a lack of internal poles or framework support visible from within the structure. The outside walls are also open so you can get a feel of the outdoor wedding setup. The tent above the wedding setup is designed to provide sufficient protection from outdoor elements like wind or rain.

Meanwhile, the shaped marquee is exactly what it says – the marquee is formed in a specific shape (either octagonal or hexagonal). This is intended to provide maximum protection and privacy within the reception area. The marquee is fully enclosed and can be accented with various types of decorations based on your wedding theme.

Despite the benefits and the décor appeal of setting up a marquee wedding, there are certain requirements that should be met. For instance, you need to know specifically how many guests are coming to your wedding. With a limited space, you cannot risk overcrowding because you want to ensure your guests are comfortable inside the marquee. You should also take into account the décor, staging or other equipment to be installed inside the marquee. Make sure that the décor and guests are able to fit inside the marquee and leave enough space for guests and waiters to walk around. These factors will determine the size and type of marquee to install.

A reputable marquee hire in Sydney like Absolute Party Hire can save you the stress of planning a marquee wedding. They will do the setup for you so you can have a romantic, intimate and beautiful outdoor wedding reception.

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