Girls Have All the Fun with a Hen Party in Amsterdam

Your friend is getting married. You’re part of the wedding entourage. Congratulations! You have a chance to thank her for her years of friendship. Give her a great hen party. Sadly, much as you would love to, you don’t have time to plan it. Good news! There are specialists in planning a perfect hen weekend. And they highly recommend hen weekends in Amsterdam.

Why Amsterdam?

This very small municipality in the Netherlands has plenty to offer that will make your friend remember her hen party and tell everybody what great time you all had.

* It’s just an hour plane ride from UK.

* You can get around on foot.

* Six of the canals they are famous for contain most of their tourist destinations.

* Museums feature artworks from local greats like Rembrandt and Van Gogh. Of course, being famous for its Red Light District, they also have a sex museum.

* Eighty thousand bikes in this small city had everyone thinking that Amsterdam was designed with these wheels in mind. If you don’t want to navigate on foot, rent a bike for €8 per day.

* Hen weekends in Amsterdam mean you and your friends are busy celebrating during the day with Go Karting, Canal Boat Tour or visiting museums.

* At night, party hens find themselves in Drag Queen Dinners, a Guided Bar Crawl, Guest List Night Club Entry and pre-paid Dinner Reservations.

* Capping off best hen weekends for Amsterdam, visitors may visit a vintage shop, independent fashion boutiques and check out diamonds and other jewellery shops or buy sex toys.

Truly, time will set your limits here.

Word of the wise, hungover hens from the previous hen night party in Amsterdam need to watch out for any transport that silently glides from nowhere. Calling in sick lying because you’re tired is different from calling in sick because of something else.

And in case your soon-to-be married friend is wondering if there is such a great destination like this for her groom’s entourage, there’s the best stag weekends for Prague soon to be married visitors as well.

Special Months

Some months are very special. In June, they celebrate Pinkpop. This is Europe’s oldest musical extravaganza wherein the legendary Rolling Stones and Arctic Monkeys performed. Two months later, in August, they have Dance Valley. This is again, Europe’s oldest and largest festival, featuring a lot of dancing. Expect a lot of Dutch dance steps, of course. August is packed as the Dutch has Lowland Festival featuring comedy, music, bands and street theatre. Another packed month is October, with a fantastic party wherein music gets provided by DJ’s around the world. This is their famous Amsterdam Music Festival. Their Pint is a celebration of their greatest export.

In case hen weekends in Amsterdam fall on one of these months, you and your friends need to call in sick the following Monday just to rest.

There’s more that you can definitely do. But don’t sweat it. Just get in touch with Infinity Weekends. They will help plan the most enjoyable hen party. Formed over a decade ago, their staff were tour operator reps and management. One hundred fifty thousand people already celebrated with them and rebooked them. Visit

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